Together our team has over 30 years of experience assisting trial counsel with the preparation of demonstrative evidence. We have been involved in over 3,000 cases in more than 175 state and federal venues.

Our consultants and artists come from many backgrounds, possess various talents, and have extensive experience in litigation support. Together we create strategies and compelling graphics resulting in a presentation that engages the viewer while communicating the themes of your case.


Many of our designers have not always been on the Sundblom Design Group payroll. They have been handpicked from many other leading, state-wide jury consulting and demonstrative evidence companies. Our design team is not made up of “production artists”. Rather, they are a custom team of artists who bring years of proven experience both with our firm and others to every design and strategy briefing.


Our vast experience, impressive talent base, and our dedication to exceeding the needs of our clients makes Sundblom Design Group, Inc. a powerful resource for litigators. 


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